22 Reusable Eco-Friendly Products You Will Feel Great Using

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Overwhelmed landfills, ocean pollution, and microplastics are the environmental problems most of us hear about every day. While changes at a massive scale are needed from the top down, daily choices can help minimize our contributions to these problems. Reducing, reusing, and recycling whenever possible can help lessen our impact, and these reusable products will have you sending less to the local dump in no time.

If you’re looking to cut single use disposable straws out of your habits, having an easy-to-clean reusable set of straws at hand makes it easy to remember to pass on plastic.

Bring home that bounty from the farmer’s market or the grocery store with these insulated shopping bags. You’ll cut down on single use plastic bags, and prevent food waste and spoilage by keeping cold foods at the appropriate temperature during the trip home.

Dryers are one of the worst large appliances for energy use. While a good quality washer now uses 70 percent less energy than it did 30 years ago, dryers have barely moved the efficiency needle. They also produce a lot of heat indoors, so in the summer they’ll drive up cooling bills. An indoor/outdoor clothesline lets you hang dry anywhere.

When you do need to run the dryer, you can cut down on your total drying time by using these wool balls. They also help soften fabric, which is especially useful if you’re transitioning to more durable clothes and renewable fabrics to combat the allure of fast fashion.

Great for use at bulk grocers, farmers markets, or just the produce section of your favorite grocery store, these mesh bags make weighing, sorting, and storing fresh fruits and veg a snap. They’re also breathable and washable, so they’re perfect for use as organizers in a diaper bag, or for keeping delicates safe in the laundry.

They’re cuter by far, but cloth diapers can also let you cut down on your use of disposable diapers. Whether you swap out only a few changes a day, or make cloth your entire routine, every change is one less item in a landfill.

Adding washable, renewable bamboo rounds to your skincare routine can help you toss those single use cotton pads for good. Great for makeup remover, toner application, and more, this 16-pack comes with a laundry bag for easier organization when it’s time to wash them.

You can save money on paper towels and disposable napkins with a multi-pack of cloth napkins. Once a vintage dinner party staple, they’re rebounding in popularity as people look for ways to cut down their carbon footprint and minimize waste, and they’re wonderful for helping children learn table manners. They’re also available in organic waffle-weave for heavy duty spills, as well as traditional linen.

If you’re replacing your toothbrushes every six months like dentists recommend, that’s a lot of tossed plastic over a lifetime. These BPA-free biodegradable brushes are made from sustainable bamboo, with soft nylon bristles.

Committing to no more bottled water purchases gets easier when each member of the family has their own reusable bottle. This easy-to-clean, BPA-free glass bottle holds 22 ounces and comes in a range of sleeve options, so everyone can get their favorite color.

Glass food storage containers are as convenient as plastic, with the benefit of a longer lifespan and no chemical leaching. They also don’t hold odors or stain like plastic containers. These mini 4-ounce jars are perfect for homemade baby foods or jams, spreads, and sauces.

It’s quick and easy to make homemade laundry sprays, window cleaners, and more, with just a few ingredients. White vinegar does the lion’s share of the heavy lifting in most homemade cleanser recipes, so purchasing in bulk can save you quite a bit, as well as cutting down on container waste.

Bringing in lunch, rather than relying on takeout or the drive thru, is another way to minimize waste and that carbon footprint. These glass meal prep containers are easy to clean and don’t hold food odors or stain easily, plus they have a convenient section for storing reusable silverware.

Every pound of waste you divert from the landfill to the garden is a benefit not just to the local municipality, but also for those potted herbs, veggies, or trees in the backyard. Using food scraps as fertilizer can yield tasty rewards.

Take advantage of the local rainy season by collecting roof runoff with a rain barrel. A handy spigot means you can attach a hose and keep your plants healthy and happy all year round.

Instead of buying disposable plastic bottles of single serve teas, sodas, and juice drinks, mix a party-sized batch of drinks in this two-gallon container. When the weather turns chilly and you need something warm to serve guests, a thermal carafe keeps cocoa and coffee piping hot.

Perfect as a backup or for light days, washable, reusable panty liners protect your favorite delicates better than papery, uncomfortable disposable liners.

A good pair of shades should last for years, but too often we’re taken in by the allure of inexpensive plastic sunglasses that flake, break, and crumble after just one season. These wooden frames from Proof Eyewear offer durability, and are made from sustainably sourced wood, while still being stylish and comfortable.

This multi-pack of cheesecloth bags are useful for all kinds of cooking tasks, from making cold brew coffee or loose leaf tea blends, to adding a fresh herb bouquet to soups or stews. The washable mesh fabric filters out particulates and can be used for making milk teas and for boba and bubble tea as well.

If you’re shopping for bath products that feature less plastic, less packaging, and less waste, Ethique’s hair, face, and body bars can’t be missed. Eco-friendly and compostable, a five-piece sampler is a great way to discover your new favorites.

Enjoy a refreshing treat anytime this summer with a reusable popsicle mold. Save on ice cream truck splurges or grocery store indulgences, and make your own at home instead. There’ll be less waste, and you can tailor your creations to your specific tastes.

Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, these food-grade silicone tin liners are also oven safe up to 500F, making them the perfect tool for frequent bakers, or anyone looking to brighten up a lunchbox.

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