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Some kids can’t get enough of textured toys, from slime kits to sandboxes, anything is up for grabs, while others are reticent to try playing with these strange toys, and may even gag or be revolted by new textures. Whether you’re helping little ones build up a tolerance for unpleasant textures or letting kids indulge in their mud-pie loving phase, there are lots of ways to make messy play easier to clean up, and to entice hesitant kids to try new toys.

This gardening kit is a magical way to introduce children to growing fruits and flowers, and the arching trellis makes a fun hide-away on hot summer days.

A classic for a reason, kids can develop creativity and sharing skills while also learning to tolerate new textures with this lidded sandbox that’s perfect for keeping out rain, pests, and other animals.

Building an outdoor mud kitchen is an easy way to encourage messy play, and these stainless steel toys encourage kids to dig, measure, scoop, and pour, whether they’re in the sandbox or a sensory bin.

Finding just the right toy to squish, spin, and fidget with is easy with this inexpensive pack that includes a variety of toys for kids of all ages to learn their preferences. With a mix of new items and familiar standbys, it’s a great starter pack for families with children who crave sensory feedback.

If kids are squeamish about soft or wet textures, clay is a great place to start them out, as it’s a little less likely to set off those alarm bells. This pack features tons of tools and fun colors to entice kiddos who are still reluctant.

A water table is a fun way for kids to feel like they’re making a huge mess, without parents actually having to clean up. A patio or porch is the perfect spot to set up this generously sized water table, and families can up the sensory factor with water beads and floating toys.

If you haven’t added water beads to your kids bathtime routine, you’re missing out on a seriously powerful motivator. Kids who love the slippery slidey texture will adore having essentially firm jello balls to play with. Kids who are a little more hesitant about the texture will need to be introduced more slowly, in a sensory box or other water toys.

Small spaces like apartments frequently don’t have the space to fit full-size versions of kids favorite outdoor toys, but this raised sand table makes great use of 3D space to give parents a place to store other toys beneath the raised tray. You could even skip the sand and use this lidded box for other sensory play, by filling it with rice or macaroni noodles.

A smaller sandbox offers another bonus; since less sand is required to fill it, it’s more affordable to add in some kinetic sand. Great for builders, kinetic sand holds its shape better when molded, and some brands offer dyed or scented options too.

Older children can still want some sensory rich toys, and this easy to use pottery wheel feels like a grown-up tool, but has been scaled down for little hands. A great way to build imagination, it can also help kids build planning skills as they map out what they want their finished product to look like.

Even babies and young toddlers can enjoy some sensory play with these brightly colored and richly textured toys. They’re a great way to get curious little ones to explore, in a familiar package.

Stimulating for both eyes and ears, this bead toy is enticing and rewarding to kids learning about cause and effect, and rewards movement while building gross motor skills.

Ideal for developing vocabulary for the preschool set, Educational Insights offers this kit designed for teaching textures, shapes, and color vocabulary at home in an easy to understand and playful way.

Experienced slime makers tweak their recipes to exactly what they’re looking for, but this set is big enough for a party and perfect for beginners. It also comes with glow-in-the-dark powder for a spooky sleepover.

If your slime maker is into glitter and glitz, this unicorn themed slime kit is perfect for injecting something magical into the process. Kids can experiment with a variety of textures, from fluffy to slimy and more, and spiral colors together into one of a kind creations.

Chewable and squishy with every texture kids love, this set of blocks, balls, and animal buddies is a great baby shower gift that babies and big siblings can play with together. At twenty pieces, it’s easy to make this set last quite a bit into the teething stages.

Building a DIY sensory bin doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Start with existing containers or pick up a set that is BPA free and designate them just for sensory use, you can fill them with beans, corn, rice, slime, water beads; the options are endless.

Sensory swings can offer a huge range of benefits, from giving children a quiet place to block out visual stimulus, to offering kiddos who crave movement a way to wiggle and spin without putting themselves in danger. Picking a quality swing with a high weight limit guarantees that your little one may outgrow the desire to swing, but it should be many years before they outgrow the swing’s capacity.

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