So, Good News….You Can Play “Elf” Monopoly This Christmas

Happy Holidays

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The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear – – but playing this elf version of Monopoly will do the trick too. New for the year of 2020, the classic game gets yet another makeover with a theme we all know and love. Elf became an instant classic holiday film in the early 2000s, and every year, families sit down to watch what is arguably Will Ferrell‘s best performance. Start a new tradition, and play Elf Monopoly at the same time.

The game follows traditional Monopoly rules, but there have been a few tweaks to give this version a more festive twist. Standard cards have been changed to “Christmas Cheer” and “Christmas Spirit” cards. For example, “get out of jail” cards switch to “escape the park rangers” cards instead. You can buy and rent out properties such as Hobbs and Son Publishing, or the North Pole Village.

Game pieces most definitely have gotten a makeover too. Each metallic figure is an identifiable object from the movie. A polar cub, cup of mail room coffee, Santa’s bag, Jack in the box and a sleigh are all items players can choose to be when playing. And don’t worry about the arctic puffin or Mr. Narwhal, because they are featured on the play cash.

The board itself has gotten a colorful makeover as well. Buddy the elf is featured front and center, and iconic moments from the film are depicted throughout the board. This game will feature movie quotes, unexpected change ups and hours of fun. Yes, this version lasts as long as the original so set out plenty of snacks! You can purchase the game off of Amazon in October, but act quickly because they are selling out on other sites.

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