13 Things for Creating a Dreamy Backyard Barbecue Space

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As long as it’s not snowing outside, anytime is good for a barbecue or grilling session right? Your creativity dominates when it comes to creating that outdoor haven that serves as an at home escape, but we have some pretty cool product suggestions for you, to help take it all to the next level. Get ready to spend nights with friends sipping beer and cooking great food, in your dreamy backyard barbecue space.

Badminton nets, a Wiffle ball set—these are common backyard classics. But this set of dice opens doors to a multitude of outdoor games. Mega sized and with branded markings, this is both a beautiful and functional buy for your suave backyard set up. If going to a barbecue at someone else’s house this would make an awesome host gift.

There never seems to be enough counter or table space when dining outside, and there could be a more rustic, elegant way to add a little more space to place serving dishes or to set up a mini bar. The cart is both neutral and simplistic, fitting with most designs. Constructed of eucalyptus wood, it’s a high quality addition.

Fire pits and grills are great, but put them together, and you’ve got yourself backyard barbecue magic. This black steel, wood burning pit features a hovering swivel grate that can be placed directly over the flames, loaded with veggies and meats of course. Kids can still roast their hotdogs and marshmallows, but now the adults can have something else too.

Grate free outdoor cooking opens a world of possibilities, although nothing can mimic the taste of a chargrilled burger. But imagine being able to cook hibachi style meals without worrying food will fall through. The flat griddle surface is suitable for veggies, seafood, and heck, let’s get outside of the box—Philly cheesesteaks or pancake breakfasts! An outdoor breakfast barbecue—now that’s an idea. This grill is propane powered.

Maybe we’re getting a little crazy here, but since most people want to spend as much time as possible outside during the warmer months, why not broaden ways to cook in your backyard? Have a neighborhood fish fry, go full blown southern with a fried chicken dinner complete with ice cold glasses of sweet tea for everyone.

Smoked ribs fall off the bone and consist of layered hues of pink, which are buttery and tender. Having a smoker is a must for meat enthusiasts. This version is electric, and uses a water smoking method. This adds to ease of use, and can be a good starting point for those just learning how to smoke perfect fish, chicken and so on.

A solid charcoal grill is what backyard summer traditions are made of. You probably remember smelling that savory scent as you played in the sprinkler on the Fourth of July as a kid. Patriotic popsicles to follow. What makes this one special are ceramic grates and impeccable heat retention. The grill is nestled into an insect resistant acacia wood table, which adds extra prep space.

What grill would be complete without a fancy Sasquatch spatula, with the silhouette front and center? A wooden handle provides comfort, and serrated edges turn this gadget into a multifunctional cutting tool as well.

Summer gets hot, and when there isn’t a covered porch, grilling can be tough. Enter the easy to install canopy, that can extend over your patio for ultra violet ray protection, and comfort of course. The neutral fabric and shape adds a touch of modernity to pools, decks—whatever you dream up for the space.

Give a basic concrete slab a major update by incorporating easy to install teak wood tiles that have an oil finished richness. They literally click into place on an even surface, and can mimic the appearance of a new deck.

Remember the magic of catching lightning bugs in a jar? Now you can let the little fellas fly free, while having the glittering beauty every night. Basic mason jars are full of fairy lights which are solar powered, and whether hanging them from a fence, or lining the stairs, they make a jaw dropping contribution.

Transparent blue, red and green tiki torches ward off bugs while serving as the icing on the cozy cake. These are table top torches. So it’s a snap to place them outside, without having to wrangle large pole versions that have to be pushed into the ground.

Protect from the sun while adding a luxurious cabana feel, with water resistant vertical striped curtains. Add privacy without erecting an expensive fence in your yard, and enjoy the cooking benefits of blocking out the sun. These are lovely on a pergola, patio or front and back porch.

The best finish for a day of cooking out is smore making, and what better way to toast those marshmallows, that’s to do so via fishing pole? Of course this product is made for fire roasting, and the kids will absolutely love it.

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