This Year’s Top 21 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Husband Will Love

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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Your average man probably won’t be excited about a bouquet of flowers (chocolate might work, though)! We’ve come up with a list of out-of-the-box, and traditional ideas that your husband will likely be ecstatic over. He probably won’t be expecting many of our selections either. Keep reading for some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that husbands will really appreciate.

We know how much you love it when your husband plays video games hours on end. In all seriousness though, video games can be a wonderful escape for adults. So give him the gift of even more playtime. The Xbox three month game pass will provide access to various digital downloads and games.

Grills are great, griddles are awesome too. The flat surface allows your favorite cook to prepare vegetables and other seared dishes seamlessly, all while outdoors! Taking cookouts to a whole new level, he will be super excited to try this out.

Add some flair to his man cave with a mini fridge that can hold up to six cans of his favorite craft beer. Even better, gift it to him with beer inside! Perfect for small spaces, the Coca-Cola themed cooler will fit into any aesthetic.

Escape the Room has extended beyond locations that are physically visited, to various products and games that can be played at home. Did you know that there are Escape the Room style subscription boxes? Puzzles and various mysteries come inside each month, providing hours of excitement and problem-solving.

Maybe he’s a handyman, or just enjoys a really great pun. Either way, this desk organizer, which features a hammer and nail sculpture, is both practical and super adorable.

Has he embarked on the journey of creating his own beer recipes? Or maybe it’s something you think he would genuinely love. Either way, a home brew journal will allow him to keep track of progress, successes and other important notes when it comes to making his own brand.

Even those who don’t like beer will often admit that cooking with it delivers some pretty amazing results. So a trio of beer infused barbecue sauces are the perfect gift for just about anyone. From IPA to amber, sauces like honey mustard and sweet and smoky barbecue have been enhanced.

As you can see, we took the beer theme and ran with it. Candles add ambience to homes, offices, and of course man caves. When those candles are beer scented, he will have no problem lighting one up for the next poker night. Each of the three candles has distinct notes from certain types of beer.

Do you have a furry baby in the family? Perhaps your hubby is his or her favorite. Opt for one of these personalized mugs that feature look-a-like drawings of your man, and sweet pup. He will probably drink coffee out of it every morning.

Beer Drop is a box subscription company that delivers unique, handcrafted beer to your doorstep every month. A lot of flexibility is involved with this delivery service, as boxes can be switched and beer selections can be customized. After giving him the gift of truly interesting beer every month for the year, you’ll be the best wife ever.

Nothing says I love you like Nicolas Cage’s face on a coffee mug.

Whether he travels a lot and needs a sleek toiletry case to go with his suitcase, or whether he just uses it for knickknacks and so on, this leather bag is both manly and elegant at the same time. It can be personalized, making for an absolutely timeless gift.

A seemingly simple gift, the grill master in him will be ecstatic when receiving cedar smoking wraps. The thinly sliced wood will enhance the flavor of fish, chicken or any other grill-able food, taking it to the next level.

Is your man a musician? A customized wooden guitar pic is a subtle yet thoughtful gift. This one can be customized, engraved with your message. Coming in a wooden guitar shaped gift box, he may not even want to use it, but rather display it.

Sit him down, let him kick his feet back, and surprise him with his favorite whiskey served in these golf ball shaped glasses. Every whiskey-loving man needs a set of whiskey glasses that are reflective of his personality and interests.

Back to the grill! If he is a musician, rock band lover and grill master all at the same time, then he will appreciate a stainless steel set of grill tools, with a special touch. The spatula is shaped like a guitar, and the set of tongs has its own flair as well.

Some will argue that charcoal is the secret to better smoked and grilled meats. However, electric and gas can be great too. But this particular smoker uses charcoal to slowly cook fish, chicken, and beef to ultimate perfection. Not to mention, the price is pretty sweet too.

His man cave will be complete after incorporating a sports themed totem pole inconspicuously in the corner. Choose his favorite team, and surprise him with something he’s probably never seen before. Different themed sports icons are stacked on top of one another, and needless to say it’s an interesting piece.

Prepare him for the ultimate fishing trip with this backpack tacklebox. Instead of something that’s hard to carry, a backpack will allow him to be hands-free while carrying all the essentials for angling. Various pockets and large compartments will make organization easy, and an LED lighting system adds even more ease.

We will go ahead and say, there are a ton of really amazing jerky boxes available out there. However, we like this Harry and David selection because of the plethora of meats inside, and the delicious condiments that complement all the manly flavors.

Black Rifle coffee is a veteran owned company based out of Utah. Outlandishly named roasts range from light to extremely dark. They also have a ton of cool memorabilia! You can sign him up for a monthly membership box, that you pay for all at once or monthly as you go along. He can taste most of their selections, and will probably forever be a fan.

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