Kitchen Products That Might Seem Weird, But Are Actually Totally Genius

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Fact: Everyone has a favorite infomercial.

These late night guilty pleasures were loved by insomniacs, early risers and shopaholics alike. Regardless of the product, we all found ourselves wondering: “Is that genius, or is it just weird?” Without those iconic infomercials, we wouldn’t have Snuggies, The Magic Bullet, or even OxiClean. Sure those brands are household names now, but they got their start on late night TV. Now instead of dialing the number on your screen to wait for the product to eventually arrive at your doorstep, you’re opening an app, pressing “buy now,” and likely getting it the next day.

While the days of watching those weirdly entertaining late-night infomercials are, sadly, mostly behind us, the types of the products they were known for are alive and well. So what kinds of products fall into this “Weird Or Genius” category today, and are they actually genius, life-changing inventions? Here’s a collection of some favorites on the web, all with a surprising amount of rave reviews.

This bowl’s patented spiral slide design helps keep cereal crispy by keeping it separate from the milk. You just spoon your cereal down the slide and into the milk when you’re ready for the next bite. Cereal lovers, rejoice!

Kitchen gadgets like these often leave you wondering how you never came up with the idea yourself. This handy butter knife keeps your countertops clear of sticky condiments when making sandwiches, as the weighted base of the knife keeps it standing upright. Put it next to your butter dish so you always know where it is, and your morning toast will be ready in no time.

Sometimes these genius products don’t just make life more convenient, they can make it more delicious too. Have you ever seen a cheese melt pan? After all what isn’t made better by bubbling, melty cheese? This pan melts cheese to top some of your favorite dishes, and is especially useful on the grill. It comes with a handy spatula so you can rake the nonstick pan clean of all that cheesy goodness.

Quirky gear like this often solves problems you didn’t know could be solved. For instance maybe you know someone who has been struggling to keep their whiskers out of their favorite beverage? This portable dam for your drinks fits over highballs, pints, mugs and other drinking glasses, and keeps your ‘stache safe and dry while you sip.

Sometimes these inventions just serve to make life more fun! And who doesn’t love that? The Pancake Pen can turn your morning pancakes into sweet messages, artistic expressions and all around fun. Put your favorite batter in the pen, and your pancakes can be in any shape or design you can draw.

This little product will get an unripened avocado guacamole ready in just 48 hours. The Avocado Sock is a wool avocado ripener, that works by keeping your avocado warm and cozy. Not only does it work, but it’s an adorable addition to your countertop.

With a twist, the Cob Corn Stripper takes the kernels off corn cobs, making your next summer BBQ that much better, with salad or salsa fast ready and easy. It works on all types and sizes of corn, and is even dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

With over 5,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating, there has to be something to this handy little product. It doesn’t take up much space in your drawer, and removes the stems from strawberries without creating waste. If you’re looking to impress, fill them with Nutella or Cheesecake filling.

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