11 Best Gifts For Graphic Designers

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Graphic designers have a truly unique blend of artistic flair and digital prowess. If you have a visual creative in your life, then you know their art should never go underappreciated. Whether a personal friend, loved one, client, or coworker, finding a gift for the graphic designer in your life can be difficult. What do you get for someone who lives and works in the creative space? Here are 11 great gifts for the graphic designer in your life.

Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

If you’ve ever heard a graphic designer talk about their long days working on new projects for clients who don’t seem to know what they want, asking for “just one last small change.” It can be the bane of any graphic designer’s existence, but you can gift a chuckle to the artist who creates so much for us. This handmade bag could be a great tote to hold an iPad, a notepad, extra supplies, and any other materials they need to take to the office (home or otherwise). You can also get other customized work from the shop owner as well. After all, they can never have too many bags for their artist tools.

Embroidery Starter Kit

Enjoying the simple things in life can be just what your favorite graphic designer needs to take a break from the digital world and make the best of the tangible world. Keeping in touch with their creativity, this Embroidery Starter Kit can help them find a new direction in their art or help them relax in a fun way. It comes with four patterned embroidery cloths, two adjustable embroidery hoops, scissors, color embroidery threads and needles, and thorough beginner instructions to create beautiful floral designs. They can even put on their pillowcases, towels, backpack, dresses, and more.

This digital notebook can be a godsend for the graphic designer who likes to sketch but still wants to keep their art saved on the cloud. The Rocketbook is an environmentally friendly dotted grid notebook page. It can be uploaded to cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, email, and others supported by iOS and Android. Graphic designers can choose from 13 different colors or designs, and it comes with a Rocketbook Core and Notebook, one Pilot Frixion pen, and one microfiber cloth. Chances are that this notebook will be the one they reach for when inspiration hits.

Working on a laptop is great, but every creative needs some flexibility in their life. Giving a HUANUO Lap Desk allows a more comfortable option when you want to work on their graphic ideas in a more relaxed way. The portable desk can fit up to a 17” laptop and has a built-in mouse plus wrist pads to prevent pain from long nights working on cool projects. With environmentally friendly wood paneling and dual cushions, it also multi-functions as a work stand, reading desk, and table desk to work more comfortably while watching television, enjoying the outdoors, and on a road trip. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and now this comfortable desk can be there for them when it does.

Whether a coffee drinker, matcha lover, or tea enthusiast, a cute mug with their favorite Pantone color can brighten their day. The handmade Pantone mugs have 28 shades to choose from to hold your iced or hot beverages. Having a simple mug that speaks to what you love to do can be an absolute comfort. If you know a graphic designer with a favorite Pantone color, this could be a great way to show that you pay attention to what they say, care about their hydration levels, and love how creative they are.

Ever stare at a computer screen all day and get a headache from that dreaded blue light? If you know a graphic designer, then Sullivan’s prescription-quality and scratch-resistant clear lenses can provide the comfort and clarity they need to avoid the blurry eyesight, headaches, and overall fatigue that comes from that unhealthy blue light. The Italian spring hinges prevent a too-tight fit and come with a microfiber cloth and a 100% recycled felt case. They can even try them for 90 days, which is risk-free since Sullivan pays for return shipping if they send them back.

Giving someone a gift that they can learn valuable skills is truly a loving gesture. Your graphic designer can sharpen their design skills using the Creative Workshop Book. It has 80 challenges on different levels, including learning to typeface in an hour, creating a paper robot in one afternoon, or designing web pages to boost their digital art and time management prowess. Each exercise has visual instruction from top designers and brainstorming activities to help increase innovative thinking. This gift can help graphic designers finish work more efficiently and ultimately have more time for their art and themselves. 

After an excellent creative brainstorming session, it can be challenging to stop that creative flow in favor of other work and lose track of time. The Timeular Tracker is a great gift if you know a graphic designer who zones out when they get into their workflow. The 8-sided dice can help build better time management habits using muscle memory and comes with the tracker, dock, stickers, and the USB-C cable (it works with macOS and iOS, Android, Windows, and even Linux). There is a $5 app subscription for time tracking on the web, desktop, and mobile app; however, with a 14-day free trial, it could be a worthy investment to help the artist in your life make the most of their time.

Who wants to be stuck at their desk looking at a blank wall all day? Surely not someone who loves to create art for a living. These high-quality and shrink-resistant canvas prints have many designs to choose from and come with a hanging accessory toolkit with a 1.5″ museum gallery wrap bar. Using a wall art window to open up a room can help support their mental health, so show the artist in your life that their well-being is important to you, too.

Everyone has to eat sometime. So, why not make sure your graphic design genius can enjoy a meal in style? These reusable wooden chopsticks come in a 12-pack of bright rainbow shades that are great for assigning one color for each day or following their color inspiration on any given day. They are handwash only and made in Japan, so you know they’re artistically authentic, and they are sure to be practical and impress if they ever want to share a meal with a fellow creative.

Graphic designers do so much to bring art and function together for us all. But creatives need love, too! Therabox subscriptions have self-care products and therapeutic activities to help reset, recharge, and relax after a long day of creating. They have monthly plans for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, starting at $34.99 with prepaid and month-to-month options. Lighting a new aromatic candle, trying a soothing face mask, or using a fun product can be an exciting thing to look forward to after staring at a screen all day.

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