20 of Amazon’s Must-Have Gifts for Men

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Say goodbye to horrible gifts for men. If you know your dad, hubby, or other men in your life are tired of ties, hate those whiskey stones (they never work), and just don’t have a lot of occasions to wear cufflinks, it’s time to dream up some new ideas for guy gifting. Whether you’re looking for practical tools, self-care splurges, or that must-have upgrade his hobby demands, Amazon serves up something for every interest.

Leatherman makes a range of multi-tools to suit every budget. The Signal is one of their nicest and most versatile, and with a pocket clip and carabiner, it is easy to integrate as part of any man’s everyday carry.

Outdoorsy guys will love a quality piece of gear that lasts through anything, from deep sea fishing to tailgating at the big game, and this smaller version of Yeti’s famous cooler is perfectly sized for road trips.

Help him serve up some style points by tossing that outdated back pocket wallet. If he’s had his wallet for so long that there are still Blockbuster gift cards in there, it’s time to upgrade to a slim wallet.

Any Alexa devotees or smart home pioneers will love being able to use voice commands or programming to customize their electronics so everything runs exactly the way they want it to.

Shark Week devotees (or beach lovers in general) can sink into some cozy slippers; there’s no guarantee that they’ll be threatening enough to prevent kids from singing “baby shark” with no warning, though.

Golf guys have an expensive hobby, but there are still low-cost ways to spoil them. A gift card to the driving range is always a winner, or for home and office putting practice, this mini green is well worth the dough if it means improving their short game.

This portable practice net can turn even the smallest backyards into a golfer’s paradise. For men looking to improve their game for less, this is a great cost-saving step that lets them enjoy time on their hobby and less time buying buckets of balls at the local driving range.

Gardeners and home chefs love watching homegrown produce grow and flourish. This backyard avocado kit is perfect for anyone looking to turn their backyard into a more vibrant green space.

He won’t have to fight the crowds at the gym to get a workout in with this durable punching bag that is kinder on skin and joints than many others on the market. When filled with water, it weighs 100lbs, offering plenty of resistance and training value, a perfect heavy bag for amateur or experienced strikers.

Novice or pro, the right tools can make all the difference to his cooking game. This cast iron set is ideal for every day use, whether indoors on the stove or directly over a campfire. Whether he’s rustling up a simple bacon and egg breakfast, or serving oven to table cassoulet, it can handle anything he wants to dish out.

Grilling can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby, with tasty results to show for it. These pre-mixed seasonings range from zesty to spicy, and there’s sure to be a new favorite among them.

Accomplished cooks looking to expand into new skills will love KitchenAid’s range of attachments to their must-have stand mixers. Whether he’s interested in fresh, homemade pasta, whipping up desserts to die for, or trying his hand at sausage making, there’s a match for every skill level and palate. Hunters and outdoorsmen, in particular, will enjoy being able to turn a fresh catch into a meal for the whole family with this easy-to-use meat grinder.

A strong brew starts the day off right. Whether he likes lattes, americanos, or straight espresso, this easy-to-use countertop espresso maker will ensure he saves time and money on his favorite beverages.

For gym-loving dudes or anyone trying to eat healthier, these glass meal prep dishes keep portions separate and include a silverware tray, so packing a lunch has never felt this clean and simple.

Late owls, early birds, and everyone in between can rediscover the magic of the travel thermos. Economical and nigh indestructible, everyone can save money by making their own coffee, packing some hot soup for lunch, and more.

Those who enjoy hiking, fishing, or just hate the taste of their local tap water can all celebrate this easy-to-use filtering water bottle. International travelers can breathe easier with this bacteria and protozoa fighter in their checked luggage, and it makes a fantastic addition to a 72-hour kit or emergency plan.

Eliminate boredom and mental downtime with an on-the-go gaming system that’s fun for all ages. Young men can enjoy the latest and greatest, but older gamer guys can also enjoy revamped ways to play classics like Baldur’s Gate.

The gadget-obsessed man in your life deserves to live his best sci-fi life, so bring his Star Trek dreams to life with a smartwatch, like the sleek and easy-to-use Apple Watch Series 3.

Whether he’s a security-conscious homeowner who hates leaving out spare keys for kids and neighbors or the absentminded sort who frequently locks his keys inside the house, Schlage’s smart lock system is easy to use for both luddites and technophiles. This system comes with both key operation and phone controls.

Get your guy the coolest ride on the block. This easy-to-learn hoverboard is fun for adults, kids, and kids at heart.

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