Top 15 Gifts for Nine-Year-Old Boys in 2021

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Nine-year-olds still have a ton of energy! They are growing like weeds, and may be merging into a stage of a tad more maturity. Maybe? One thing is for sure, sports, toys, science experiments, and anything video game related is likely going to be a hit. We’ve gathered a list of gifts that sits in between preteen and childhood, that we think will strike that perfect balance.

Sketchbooks open the door to imagination and creativity. While seemingly a simple gift, the pad can inspire an artist, or provide an outlet for your young kids. Basic, affordable, and with a cool exterior design, this is a great stocking stuffer or small birthday gift.

Halo’s Master Chief is an iconic symbol for young and old video game enthusiasts. This set comes with all the pieces needed to construct the Master Chief helmet. Once finished, it can sit on a shelf like a trophy representing patience and articulate building skill.

Piggy banks are great, but probably at this age, your young man is growing out of them. Swap it out for a wooden bank, in the shape of his initial, so he can collect and save for something truly special.

Doesn’t this shirt say it all? Do you have a spunky little nine-year-old that would support this shirt with serious pride? Because he definitely should—you know how awesome he is.

Dozens of pieces that have been carefully crafted out of wood come with this kit. Nine-year-olds are at the point where they could really enjoy building something that is somewhat complex, but still quite doable. All that is needed is a screwdriver. The finished product is a “children friendly” toy crossbow that shoots about 10 feet distance.

For a lot of nine-year-olds, gaming is life! So we feel this gaming shirt is quite fitting. So when he has his headphones on, and is deep in thought while playing Fortnite, all he has to do is put on this!

Paper airplanes just got serious. Forget everything that you learned growing up – – some super smart people got together and developed legitimately functional designs. Coming with 40 pieces of colorful and fun designed paper, the airplane crafting will be endless.

This might be one of the sweetest Nerf accessories ever. Coming with a tactical vest, super cool mask and other essentials for an outdoor battle, he will be totally set.

While playing with their Nerf gear, what could be better than having legitimately functional walkie-talkies? Coming in a camo pattern, they are made for hide and go seek Nerf edition. With a radius of 2 miles, the possibilities and adventures are versatile.

Not that all nine-year-olds are obsessed with Nerf, but many of the accessories and games coming out today makes it a fun thing for the entire family. For example, this target game is meant for one or multiple players, and will count down the score for you. Fine tune your precision while spending time with the kids.

Learning how to write code, and being more fluent in computer science language has become sewn into the fabric of our children’s being. Give them a gift of learning the basics, and they might just find their future calling.

Change up family game night, by gifting this fun soccer game to your nine-year-old for his birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion. Pennies literally serve as the soccer ball, and each opponent will try to score a goal by sinking one in the small hole at the goal.

Send your nine-year-old around the globe – – not literally of course. With a food travel kit, they’ll learn how to prepare various dishes from the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Spices and ingredients that come inside are unique and actually kind of tough to find in a normal grocery store. It will be an adventure of the taste buds and the mind.

Basketball isn’t only for the court, it’s for breakfast, dinner, or snacks. Confused yet? Don’t be, because these mugs are designed with a hoop for a little bit of food play. Fill the bowl with hot chocolate and try to swoosh the marshmallows through the net.

While nine-year-olds definitely typically like toys, it’s not a bad idea to think about upgrading to something that he can grow into in his teen and even adult years. Feast your eyes on this foosball table, that will take any game room, or kids room to the next level.

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