The 10 Best Smart Sleep Devices to Get Your Newborn (And You) Some Rest

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Getting any rest with a new baby can seem impossible, especially if you’ve got other children already at home. While the lack of sleep may make you feel like a caveman, there are a litany of smart devices on the marketplace now to add new, never-before available options for parents, like beds that rock automatically when your baby cries, or night lights that help keep the whole family on a schedule.

What You Should Know

  • Natural, tear-free sleep training

  • Rental plans available

  • Built-in swaddle prevents rolling

The most awarded baby bed in the world, the SNOO is more than a bassinet, it’s an army of assistance, from the built in swaddle that keeps baby snugly in place, to the womb-like white noise, to the gentle rocking, where they’ve cornered the market is automated response. It automatically rocks your little one back to sleep when it detects wakefulness or crying, helping soothe them back into their sleep cycle by mimicking the gentle noise and motion of the womb.

Review Highlights

“This bassinet is a miracle worker on our first newborn little girl! At our first week she was sleeping four hour intervals and still is at week six. She wakes up smiley and happy like a fairy tale.” 

What You Should Know

  • Comes with three booties to grow with baby

  • 94% Better sleep reported by Owlet parents

  • Latex and BPA free

If your baby spent any time in NICU, coming home without a battery of nurses, doctors, and monitors can feel like losing an umbilical of support. During those first days at home, you can have extra assurance that everything is okay with the Owlet smart sock, a baby monitor that keeps track of little ones breathing and heart rate. Parents can sleep a little easier in the comfort of their own bed with this health companion.

Review Highlights

“I do sleep much better knowing my little one is being monitored. He has a heart condition so I keep it on him most of the time during the day too for my own peace of mind.”

What You Should Know

  • Sleep close without bed sharing

  • Nightlight, vibration, and soothing sounds

  • “Back to Bed” reminder

Swivel or rotate this bassinet up to 360 degrees, perfect for fitting into an oddly-shaped bedroom or around other furniture pieces. It does require a couple of inches of under the bed clearance, so it’s not the best choice for bed frames with built-in storage drawers. The drop down sidewall makes it easy to get your little in and out of the bassinet without having to get out of bed, perfect for recovering patients after a C-section.

Review Highlights

“This has been a life saver, we tried so many different things and this is the only thing our baby will sleep in! Highly recommend!”

What You Should Know

  • For babies up to 20 LBS

  • Manual sway, battery operated lights and vibration

  • Removable projector

Control the lights on this smart bassinet from your phone, perfect for calming an upset kiddo if you’re in the middle of making a meal or taking care of other chores, and you need a moment to get to them. Rocks easily with a gentle push, perfect for soothing a tired baby into sleep.

Review Highlights

“I’m so glad I bought this one! The mesh sides make it easy to see inside and check on my son. The music, vibration, and projection lights are nice features- but the best is the night light! “

What You Should Know

  • Breathing, sound, and movement monitor

  • Room temperature monitoring

  • Two-Way talk

This wireless sensor slips under a crib mattress, and notifies you about uncomfortable temperatures in the nursery, or if your baby rolls over off of the sensor pad, possibly meaning they’re pressed up against the bassinet walls. The motion-detecting function can also provide peace of mind, as it can detect other movement changes, like breathing, and alert you if they change. The A standard noise monitor rounds out a great all-around choice for monitoring the health, safety, and comfort of your little one.

Review Highlights

“We have had 2 NICU babies and that in itself was hard. This angel care system gave us peace of mind once we brought them home.”

What You Should Know

  • Gliding rocker helps mom and baby get back to sleep quickly

  • Raise or lower shade, so baby learns daytime rythms

  • AC adapter, so you won’t be constantly changing batteries

Whisper quiet, this bassinet will help lull your little one into a restful state. Activated with a button press, it keeps rocking automatically for 15 minutes, getting your baby soundly to sleep but them automatically turning off, so they don’t stay dependent on the motion to keep sleeping.

Review Highlights

“I love this bassinet! Easy to assemble, great storage underneath and the auto glide is great! My 5 week old baby sleeps great at night. Great size; It fits perfect next to my bed!”

What You Should Know

  • Alexa enabled

  • Breathing monitor upgrade available

  • Offline mode

A host of upgraded smart features make the Nanit Plus the kind of monitor that actually puts you at ease, instead of increasing new-parent anxiety. Track sleep patterns, run through a fast-forward version of their night (great for remembering exactly when they were last fed, changed, or given medicine) and even pop between camera feeds, perfect for parents of multiples. An upgraded option also allows you to monitor their breathing, and receive alerts if their breathing patterns change, so parents of preemies, or children with medical complications, can have an extra set of eyes on their little ones.

Review Highlights

“I couldn’t believe how clear the video was – it’s HD quality, even in night vision. The motion and sound alerts are super clear and without any delay.”

What You Should Know

  • Phone controls, programmable, and touch controls

  • Toddler lock

  • Great for all ages

The ideal choice for shared rooms, this programmable night light and sound machine combo features color coding, so older kids know when it’s time to rise and shine, and when is too early to bother the baby. The sound machine option helps big kids tune out baby noises, and vice versa, plus the glowy nightlight makes it easy for parents to check on multiple kiddos without waking anyone.

Review Highlights

“They love to touch the device and change the light/sound, but when it’s time to wind down for bed, it automatically goes into my pre-programmed settings and they can’t mess with it. I love the program, it’s easy to use and intuitive, and I love the design. “

What You Should Know

  • Easily change temps from your phone

  • Works with Alexa for hands-free controls

  • Multiple sensors accommodate everyone

If you’re rocking a little one to sleep and the combination of lap occupant and warm afternoon sun have you sweating and miserable, you’ll love being able to adjust your climate control settings from your phone or voice assistant. Perfect for families looking to save money, a programmable thermostat keeps your home consistently comfortable, and with an extra sensor installed, you can even ensure that a small nursery and a large master bedroom are both being heated or cooled appropriately, so nobody has a rough night’s sleep in a too warm, or cold, bed.

Review Highlights

“Phone app is nice and I love the extra sensor we picked up separately for keeping the nursery well regulated at night. (smallest room in the house)”

What You Should Know

  • Instant Read

  • Silent

  • No contact required; read at a distance

Never wake a sleeping baby, everyone says, but when your little one gets their first illness you’ll want to check up on them without waking them, especially if they have a fever during a cold time of year, and undressing them to take their temperature is guaranteed to be a miserable experience. An infrared thermometer gives you all the info you need, and peace of mind to boot.

Review Highlights

“I really love this one and it has a couple features that set it apart from what I currently own…I also love how I can check the temperature of milk as well as forehead and ear temperature. Versatility is always a plus. “

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