25 Fun Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Holiday Gift Giving

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Santa will be coming down the chimney before you know it. So we’ve got to put some gift ideas out there ASAP. I mean, Santa has a lot of stockings to fill! And on top of the gifts he definitely needs our help. We have searched the internet for trending and classic stocking stuffer ideas for kids. In general, we’d say these are great for those under 12.

Quartz and amethyst design turns these nightlights into something mesmerizing. Sensors activate the lights when wandering around at night, illuminating the hall or bathroom just enough.

Stuffed organs can be an unexpected gag gift or something kind of educational. Perhaps a child has diabetes and would appreciate their own cuddly pancreas to snuggle.

Rice ink, recycled cardboard and kid safe glue are the components within the puzzle like kit. Three dimensional animals can be crafted while helping develop various essential skills.

Supposedly, kernels taste best when popped directly off the cob! Regardless, kids will be excited to try this out. And with popcorn, you really can’t go wrong.

Reduce the sugar load of those stockings by adding in a gummy bear led light! All the squish and cuteness, but without the dietary impact! Assorted colors are available.

This isn’t your average T-shirt. The panel on the front can be marked by various types of light. So each one comes with a light pen, but a phone flashlight can even be used to create art.

From birdwatching to hiking, these binoculars are a fine item for kids who love to explore. With high resolution, things from far away become vivid. Various colors are available.

Legos are extra fun when building things that have function. Several machines can be created from the items in the box, which is perfect for little future engineers.

Bet you didn’t think a karaoke machine can fit into a stocking! This little microphone does a lot more than one would think. Connect to your phone or iPad, and be prepared for hours of endless song.

Great for long car rides or waiting in the doctors office, this drawing pad illuminates your child’s creations. And we love the no mess factor!

Add peaceful ambient light to kid’s rooms at night. Stars project in a gentle tone from this beautiful wood grain device. Falling asleep just got easier.

Your young ones might actually be excited about hydration when they have a water bottle this cool. A variety of swirled color patterns are available.

With a range of 3 miles, these walkie-talkies are optimal for camping, or just adventures around the house.  Give kids a little bit of an introduction into the past with something that’s not a cell phone.

Safety can be cool! Line the inside of bike tires with these LED lights. In all sorts of colors from pink to blue, there’s bound to be one your kid will love. One complete set will cover one tire.

Uno is a simple card game that most young ones can pick up pretty quickly. Add a different spin on it by including emoji’s. This is another fun one to play with family throughout the holidays.

Ah Would You Rather—a classic. As if parents didn’t already love this game enough, this addition has an extra cringe twist. Yay.

What is it about these squishy toys? One thing is that it provides a sensory experience for kids, which ultimately can be calming. This unicorn is made for holiday stockings.

What kid wouldn’t love a little monkey that clings to their finger? With sounds and other interactive features, it’s way cooler than a stuffed animal. And it’s just absolutely adorable.

Bring back a little bit of imagination, with this build your own superhero mask kit. Combining crafting with playtime, this is a great item to get kids away from electronics for a while.

Coming in a cute banana carrying case, the game focuses on words and vocabulary skills. Young ones won’t even know they’re actually doing something good for the brain.

SmartSweets makes a variation of candies from gummy bears, fruit chews, to sour buddies that are extremely low in sugar. The taste is not sacrificed, and there isn’t anything artificial. Each bag has a nice dose of fiber too.

What’s a Christmas stocking without the candy cane? We like the idea of these natural alternatives. Even more beautiful, and just as tasty, kids won’t mind the swap.

Williams Sonoma has the most amazing holiday treats. Peppermint bark is one of the specialties, and all three variations come in this festive dog tin.

\The Mr. Food plate allows for fun and engaging ways to present healthy foods to picky eaters. Arrange a little broccoli around the top of his head, and give him a mashed potato beard!

Have your kids been placed on the naughty list? We can’t blame you for not being able to put real coal in their stockings. But this funny sack of soap, made with real charcoal, can be a nice touch.

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