10 Best Big Wheels & Tricycles Your Kids Will Love

Pedal to the Metal!

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If your little one is always on the go, they’ll be thrilled with these riders and movers. Perfect for children too young for bicycles, tricycles help children learn steering, balance, and control while they’re small, all of which help when it’s time to transition to one of those big kid bikes.

Fun Barbie styling with durable construction means your little one will get tons of use out of this big wheeled trike. The seat lifts to reveal a storage compartment, so your kiddos can always pack up their essentials and bring them along. The oversized wheels add increased stability so even rough rides are smoothed and enjoyable.

  • Cute Barbie design
  • Ride inside with no scuffs from these lightweight wheels
  • Under the seat storage compartment

An Amazon Exclusive, this Harley themed big wheel has generously sized pedals to make it easy for young children to learn how they work. Your little rider will make all the other little riders jealous with their Harley logo and flame stickers on this fun tricycle. Nearly three thousand reviewers have something to say about this popular big wheeled trike, with one commenting; “Really beginner trike for a toddler. It’s tough and durable and the seat opens up to keep stuff in. Pretty simple. We bought it for our 2 year old for Christmas but his legs were still too short until he was about 3 and a half.”

  • Lightweight
  • Amazon Exclusive
  • Harley Davidson decorations

Available in a number of fun favorite designs for girls and boys, this big wheeled rider features a 15″ front wheel and comfortable seat for kids 3-7. It has an adjustable seat and the comfortable riding position means kids can really build up some speed, so make sure to have them wear a helmet. Amazon reviewers mention the wide ranges of ages and sizes it can adjust to fit.

“The adjustable seat is a great idea and it looks like the bike should last him for a couple of years, he is almost 4 yrs old and is 40 pounds and 40″ tall. Good present, good quality and good price.”

  • Fun Disney styles
  • Adjustable seat fits kids up to 7 years old
  • Matching helmets available

Sleek chrome-look handlebars and a chopper design guarantee your kiddo will have the coolest trike in school. The 16″ front wheel, grippy tread, and low center of gravity help keep your little one in control and comfortable. The adjustable seat and 65LB weight capacity keep this big wheeled tricycle right sized and rideable for years.

  • Classically cool Radio Flyer
  • Chopper design
  • Holds kids up to 65lb

This high seated upright big wheel tricycle comes with lights, sounds, and fun Paw Patrol styling, perfect for coaxing reluctant riders onto their new toy. There’s also an available set of riding gloves and knee pads, for adventurous off roaders who can’t be convinced to take fewer risks. Reviewers say; “This little trike is just perfect. My grandson is in love with “Paw Patrol” and this hits so many buttons. There are cute decals, great colors, and the bells and whistles are perfect. Because it is adjustable, he will get many years of enjoyment out of this.”

  • Lights and sounds
  • High seat for balance practice
  • Matching gloves and knee pads available

A “big kid” tricycle, this three wheeled rider fits children too tall for standard toddler ride alongs but who may lack the confidence to transition fully to a bicycle. A trick trike, you can drift and spin easily, so they’re tons of fun in a neighborhood. Some reviewers said they even hopped on for a ride before giving it back to the kids.

“It rides super smooth and spins fast. The position low to the ground makes it stable enough it will not tip over. My 3 year old is a little to short to drive it yet, but my 5 year old daughter rides this daily and all the neighborhood kids beg to ride it as well. I will be purchasing a second one for my son as soon as he is tall enough to reach the pedals.”

  • Great for older children
  • Learn tricks, drifts, and spins
  • Even petite adults can ride

This stylish Schwinn kids tricycle has all the vintage fashion of Schwinn bikes in an easy to ride tricycle, perfect for kids age 3-5, though some reviewers said tall two year olds can stretch enough to reach the pedals. Durable and gorgeous, it’s a standout option in a field full of all plastic riding toys. Rubber tires and comfortable pedals let your little one really build up some speed, so make sure they wear their safety gear!

  • Durable Schwinn design
  • Heavy
  • Rubber tires, not plastic

Appropriately sized for little riders, this beginners tricycle has a storage compartment for bringing along toys and snacks on adventures. Lightweight and portable, it will easily fit in the trunk or backseat of a vehicle, so bring it along for trips to grandmas, the park, or on vacation. Reviewers note that the lightweight wheels ride fine indoors without scuffing flooring, and the plastic, not metal, construction means it’s probably best stored indoors when not in use.

  • Kawasaki colors
  • Bring along anywhere; it’s light weight
  • Inexpensive

This fat wheeled toddler bike/trike hybrid is only 13″ tall so children as young as 18 months can climb on board.  A straddle and push toy, like those ride along trains or scooters, its’ pedal free design and two rear wheels make it the perfect learn-to-ride toy. The low clearance means that even if a fall occurs, your little one is already pretty close to the ground.

  • Push and ride toy
  • No pedals
  • Good for learning how to balance

Perhaps the most versatile tricycle around, this ride or push Radio Flyer lets parents push toddlers on family walks, like a stroller, or remove the handle and kids can learn to push and pedal by themselves. Pedals lock while the pushing handle is attached, so there’s no need to worry about your little one getting tangled up or frustrated by moving pedals.

  • Push or ride toy
  • Versatile
  • High seat provides lots of control

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