18 Frighteningly Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

Ghostly Good Times

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Adults-only Halloween parties are incredibly popular, and a homemade haunted house is easy to pull off even for those of us with zero DIY or crafting skills. You can be the designated horror master in your friend group easily this year, whether you’re going full Freddy vs Jason, or catching everyone off guard with a pop-up Pennywise. Don’t forget to set the scene throughout the whole house by piping in a horror movie soundtrack and spiking the punch bowl with some floating eyeballs.

Set the stage before guests even make it to the door with a quality fog machine. Safer than the dry ice method, this machine uses special fog machine fluid, so the effect lasts longer too. Perfect for haunted graveyards, or just haunting your own backyard.

Featuring the nasty clown from the horror franchise that everyone’s talking about, this animatronic Pennywise is over 6 feet tall and is sensor activated, but can also be linked up with other moving props via a multi-prop activator remote. Since this thing will scare the absolute crap out of the neighborhood dogs and kids, plus it shouldn’t be rained on, we suggest keeping it indoors, if you dare.

Keep guests wondering whether they’ll be next on the sacrificial alter with this bloody handprint tablecloth. Perfect to highlight a range of horror-inducing treats, like a blood red sangria punch.

Whether you use blood red, poison green, or traditional Halloween orange, you can fill these syringes with any color or flavor Jello shots for a creepier, more seasonally appropriate way to take a shot. Purple and black are also spooky color options to keep in mind.

Perfect for layering over another costume, this Michael Myers outfit makes it a snap for the host to play multiple roles at their party, mingling with guests one moment, then slipping out unnoticed and frightening the bejeezus out of everyone the next.

This prop chainsaw features a moving chain and chainsaw noises, so frightening the unsuspecting has never been easier. Runs on AA batteries, so the sound isn’t as loud as a real chainsaw — but then again, real chainsaw volume is actually loud enough to cause permanent damage, so it’s not exactly something you should sign up for.

As a background or set piece for setting the scene in a a DIY haunted house, this gory, bloody wall works wonders, but it also shines as a photo prop background, whether you’re taking digital or shooting with an instant camera.

Adult Halloween parties usually fall into one of two categories: Scary or Sexy. Blacklight is the universal design element that improves the aesthetic for either type.

Cast a haunted video onto a wall-mounted TV or, with a projector, right onto the wall itself. With the right equipment, you can even scare the neighbors without even being home by setting up a projector and displaying your spooky sight onto your home windows.

Put the final finishing touches on your costume with bruise makeup and wound tattoos. The faux blood on these temporary tattoos even shows up well in photos, though lighting and skin tone will always make a difference in results.

Every single costume in existence has a sexy version for women, but we’re taking a stand; there should be more sexy mens costumes. Fleabag has come through for us this year though, and we’re guessing we’ll see more than a few couples costumes with a Hot Priest in tow.

Pre-fill these faux blood bags with party-themed mix drinks or desserts, pick up a cooler with some hazmat stickers, and you’ve got all the ingredients to gross out your guests with the weakest stomachs.

You can turn perfectly normal, non-spooky glass jars into horrifying Halloween decor with just a few touch ups. Fill them with green (or red) jello, toy eyeballs or edible candy fingers, or with candy worms and they’ll be a neat centerpiece. Totally innocuous things can become incredibly creepy on Halloween; fill one with plain vanilla pudding and watch the revulsion on the faces of your confused guests as they struggle to place the thick, gloppy liquid.

The haunted house master’s best tool, hook up a couple of Echo Dot’s together and have a cohesive soundtrack play throughout your entire space, or keep them separate and attach each to a different device, like a tablet, phone, or bluetooth enabled TV or laptop, so you can create a custom scare theme for every space in the home. Remember to turn off the microphones, so your guests who guess the trick can’t tell Alexa to turn off your soundtrack.

So you found the perfect horror prop, but your friends have already seen it, and assume it won’t be scary any more. Prove them wrong with this IR dropping mechanism. You can pick up an inexpensive hanging ghost and still get horror movie thrills out of it with motion reactivity and a jump scare.

Kick back and relax in a comfy seat that’s just right for reading scary stories in the dark. This handmade skull chair is a creepy decor piece that opens into a seat that’s perfect for enjoying your witches brew, or for the mundane, just a mug of coffee before work.

At the end of the night, whether you’ve been marathoning monster movies, survived the haunted house, or stood vigil in the graveyard, somebody wins and somebody loses. Reward your survivors- guests- with a commemorative pin, so everyone knows who carries bragging rights for being the unflappable, un frightenable horror victor, at least until next Halloween.

Guests can try to out-creepy one another by decorating mini skull cakes fresh from the oven in these Halloween cake pans. All the boys and ghouls can get in on the action with a little icing, food coloring, and a touch of the macabre, from full gory skeletons, to horrifying heads only.

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