20 Things You Need to Make Your Bachelorette Party One to Remember

Fling Before the Ring!

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In the midst of wedding planning and getting ready for the “I do’s,” there is one thing your bride tribe has been looking forward to since the day you asked them to be on #teambride…THE BACHELORETTE PARTY! Whether your gang is going for a great outdoors vibe or you’re hitting the city, this list has just about everything to celebrate the last few days before you become a Mrs.

Bachelorette Apparel and Accessories

No bachelorette outfit is complete without a “Bride to Be” sash adorned across the bride’s chest. After all, you want everyone you see to be a part of the celebration, and what better way than by letting them know exactly who you are!

Of course, the bride gets a celebratory sash, but what about the rest of the crew? From the bad influence to the selfie queen and everything in between, your pals are sure to find a sash in this pack that perfectly describes their Bachelorette partying selves.

You have shirts, sashes, and pecker necklaces…why not tie it all together with some matching golden tattoos! Temporary, of course, but still just as fabulous.

Are you really a bride if you aren’t wearing a crown with the words “bride to be” written on it in rhinestones? We didn’t think so, which is why this is 1000% necessary to have on a Bachelorette party weekend.

Is it really a night on the town if you aren’t wearing matching fanny packs with 15 of your closest friends? We didn’t think so, which is why you NEED these bride and squad fanny pack kits.

Bachelorette Party Games

Rightly named “For The Girls,” and from the creators of What Do You Meme, this party game is perfect for bachelorette parties! With categories like “truth or dare” and “most likely to…” this game is sure to have the whole squad laughing and having a great time.

Two blow up bananas, 8 plastic rings…do I need to explain more?

You’ve probably experienced it, a group of “bride tribe” adorned ladies running up to strangers requesting various things and thinking to yourself, “don’t make eye contact.” Well, now it’s your turn! With 40 dares to choose from, these are sure to help keep the night interesting.

Party Decorations

She said YAAASSSSS! Now it’s your turn to say yaaasss to these great party decorations! From streamers and blow-up props to balloons and photo booth accessories, this pack is your one-stop-shop for decorating your bachelorette blowout.

Saddle up with Western-themed decorations for the bride-to-be’s final walk on the wild side! This kit has the fun balloons and sash in a gold and white theme that’s sure to impress any cowgirl.

Any true “Friends” fan knows and loves the iconic “lobster” line (cue the tears). This Friends-themed decoration kit – complete with lobster balloons – is a must-have for your Rachel!

Drink Necessities

Maybe there “ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws,” but you should definitely keep them protected! And what better way to do that than with these adorable koozies, which let everyone know your squad is here and ready to party!

It’s always nice to have a buddy while drinking! Who better than one of these bikini-clad hunks. Gently place them on the lip of your cup, and you’ll be able to keep track of your drink with ease!

If your bachelorette party includes some bar hopping, you should be ready to take a shot of booze – or water, hydration is important too ya know! These necklaces will keep you accessorized and ready for whatever the night brings.

Make sure the bride is staying hydrated in the most fabulous way possible.

Other Fun Favors

These really need no further explanation than, “why the heck not?!” Make sure everyone knows where the party is with these – erm – whistles. And not only do they whistle, but stay safe and sound around your neck.

Is a pool party on the schedule for your bachelorette festivities? Have the bride float in style! You may also want to throw in this float to keep those drinks ice cold.

Give the whole crew the gift of bling with these light-up LED engagement rings. If you’re not sold on this favor, consider this – it may be smart to get them to keep track of everyone as the night wears on!

While we hope there isn’t too much recovery time needed after the big bachelorette bash, you can always use a spare scrunchie!

If you don’t document the night in real-time, grab this kit full of props for a photo booth to remember!

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