17 Boo-tiful Halloween Wreaths for Ghostly Greetings This Season

Happy Hauntings!

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Halloween is coming, time to trick-or-treat;
kids will soon be knocking, wanting something sweet to eat.
But your door is bare, and this surely will not do;
so we’ve come up with some spooky solutions just for you.
Ghosts and creatures gather around;
your outdoor décor is calling for something, eh, round?
Adorned with lights, or even cobwebs;
these will surely bring delight and likely not dread.
Our favorite Halloween wreaths are below;
to add that perfect Halloween night glow.

Add magic and festivity to your coffee nook with this appropriately themed wreath, featuring a witchy coffeehouse sign right in the center. Glittering deco mesh makes up the bundle-some décor. Invite your friends over for a spooky themed coffee brunch, with witches brew lattes and maybe some ice “scream” added in to create an affogato.

Reminiscent of the crows that seem to flock to our yards come October, this selection is an accumulation of hundreds of fluffy black feathers, and a touch of speckled colorful ones that make it pop. The great thing about this particular option is that it’s somewhat generic, allowing fright night lovers to add their own flare, such as spiderwebs, pumpkin floral picks, or even a ghost centerpiece.

Halloween decorations look best when seamlessly blended with fall foliage, and that might include adding décor that features leaves and other autumn touches. Adorning this wreath, is neutral toned wheat, just like you would see in all of its golden glory in a mountain valley meadow during the fall. Differing toned pumpkins add even more seasonal flare. With the festive feelings this product brings, we can already smell the apple cider in the air.

Black, orange, green and purple add shining color to your front door, or maybe even above your mantle. Look a little closer and you’ll notice that some of the orange ornaments are actually tiny little jack-o’-lanterns, just smiling away, giving this vibrant wreath a life of its own. We can also see this wreath being a fun addition to the Halloween candy buffet for the ultimate spooky party.

Purple lights cast a shadow directly onto the wall from the creepy black, spider-adorned branches of this graveyard reminiscent creation. The grim grinning ghosts just might come out to socialize when this beauty is glowing up your window. Only calling for two AA batteries, the LED lights are ultra electric in color, really setting that mischievous  mood.

Hail to the pumpkin king! The Nightmare Before Christmas will forever live in many hearts as one of the most beloved Halloween/Christmas movies of all time. Diehard fans of the film likely have noticed the lively monster wreath, which is a playfully frightening blend of Halloween and Christmas. While being comprised traditionally of greenery, this guy also features fangs and a Jack Skellington bow. This is Halloween!

We felt a deep obligation to include a Hocus Pocus-themed wreath within this compilation. While the frills of deco mesh and tons of ribbons are mostly absent from this door hanger-style décor, we don’t think the Sanderson sisters would mind. Their silhouettes eerily look over everyone who walks to your front door, and they probably smell children! The cauldron shape is finished off with a simplistic welcome sign hanging below.

Bats swarm this branch-like wreath, which is strongly constructed out of dried grapevines, giving it a perfectly desolate look. The bats are actually metal, and will hold up far better than foam or any type of heavy duty paper. For Halloween décor, the selection is relatively neutral and can be blended in to multiple spine-chilling or kid-friendly themes.

Creepy in just the right way, to where you won’t have trick or treaters leaving your house crying, this bony wreath will take your front door Halloween décor to the next level. Just a skeleton chilling amongst some ribbons, holding an “enter if you dare” sign, we love the combination of spine-chilling décor with light-hearted frills. Frills and chills! That has a nice ring to it.

“The raven never flitting, still is sitting!” Perhaps start a tradition on your front porch, gathered around this appropriately adorned wreath, while reading Edgar Allan Poe‘s famed poem, “The Raven.” Grab a cup of hot chocolate and use your best scary story telling voice, and get ready to put everybody in the Halloween spirit. Who knew a single wreath could set such an ambiance?

More realistic IT the clown wreaths exist on the creative world of Etsy, but we decided to list one that wouldn’t keep us from going downstairs at night by ourselves to get a glass of water. Red deco mesh has been crafted to resemble ole Pennywise’s hair, and the bottom portion of the wreath looks like a fluffy clown collar. Of course, no IT wreath would be complete without his scary little face peering through the center. Read carefully, as the seller has an option for the full wreath, or face only so you can make your own.

Simply boo-tiful! You likely knew we were going to pull out that play on words. If you’ve ever experienced the magic of Disney during their Halloween celebration, you will appreciate this wreath double fold! There are few celebrations on earth that can match the indescribable nostalgia of Disney. This wreath is an ode to our beloved Minnie, and is full of smiling pumpkins. Spooktacular — sorry, had to.

Spirit Halloween brings us some of the creepiest, and some of the most nostalgic, Halloween décor these days. Iconic white and black stripes, glittering spiderwebs, and deep purple flowers accent this “Beetlejuice”-themed wreath. While somewhat subtle, it still features one of the most memorable phrases from the film. Spirit Halloween also offers a sand worm door cover that would be the perfect complement.

Effortlessly convert from Halloween to Thanksgiving, with this fiery hued wreath, comprised of a bundle of orange berries and red leaves. Its versatile coloring allows it to blend into your spooky arrangements — then just remove all the ghosts and goblins, and you’re decorated for fall. This wreath is not pre-lit, so it will be up to you and your imagination.

Are you looking for something high-quality that can be used for years to come? Grandin Road knows a lot about making an average item an above-and-beyond holiday staple. A meld of spooky black wiring crisscross together like trees in a graveyard, and are sprinkled by 600 orange lights – we’re talking two-foot diameter of glittering ambience. Choose between eight different light setting modes to accommodate your desired Halloween mood. Going for a haunted house theme? Try the lightning effect.

She’s sweet, she’s sassy, and she might snatch your Halloween candy if not watching closely — we love the friendly yet eerie appeal of this witch moon wreath. Subtle touches, like a deep-colored flower on her hat and a dangling spider, add to the pure delight you’ll feel when opening up this wreath upon arrival.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon himself could’ve hung this dripping green wreath upon your door. Made of a strong grapevine construction, the Spanish moss finish cascades down your door, in the most pleasantly creepy fashion. So maybe you were going for a swamp theme, or just a creepy cabin in a foggy forest feel — this wreath will be an eye-catching show stopper that will surely get the neighborhood ghouls talking.

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