7 Best Small Smart TVs Available On Amazon

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When you’re looking for an affordable upgrade that takes advantage of the latest technology, a smart TV can be a fun step up. These smaller models are perfect for the budget conscious, or anyone looking for the right TV for a smaller space like a bedroom or kitchen, or even for the right TV to install in an RV.

What You Should Know

  • Voice controls with Alexa
  • Easy access to any content offered through Amazon
  • Cable, digital, or apps; watch any way you want

Launch apps, run your smart home devices, and more with this Fire TV. With voice remote controls with Alexa you can cycle through multiple inputs, including USB, cable, and HDMI cable connected devices like blu ray players. 60 days of tech support comes included, so even the tech averse can enjoy a smart TV with no fears about their lack of experience with internet connected TV affecting the ease of set up. Over a thousand reviewers have something to say, with one remarking; “Super easy to put together and set up – took less than 15 minutes from box to binge watching Netflix on a rainy day! Flawless navigation from Cable TV to Fire. Picture and sound are great!”

What You Should Know

  • Connect via Bluetooth, WiFi, or Miracast
  • Wide Angle viewing screen
  • Great for game rooms with several connected devices

It’s easy to display this 24″ smart TV by LG in a bedroom, kitchen, or other small space without needing to run wires and cables all over. Wi-Fi connectivity means it’s up and running in a snap. Dual HDMI ports enable you to have multiple connected devices ready to play, so it’s great for swapping quickly between videos and video games.

What You Should Know

  • Use popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, and more
  • Any smart phone works as a remote with the Roku app
  • Add streaming channels for quick access to favorite genres or programs

Ease of use is a key feature in this 28″ TV by TCL. With an onboard Roku, you can control the TV via phone app, included remote, or a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Home. Launch apps, add channels, and search programming with your choice of navigation tool, or swap to standard TV programs in a snap.

What You Should Know

  • Fire TV makes it simple to play content through Amazon
  • 32″ HD LED Display
  • Connect wired or wirelessly

Sometimes just a few dollars more can significantly increase the size or quality available in your electronics, and this 32″ Toshiba TV is an excellent example. Smart TV’s offer flexibility; cut the cord and ditch standard cable packages with the plethora of purchase or streaming apps and options.

Reviewer Feedback
“Setup was easy. The sound and video quality are nice. It also has all the inputs / outputs that I wanted for a small home office TV. Alexa I’m the remote is pretty nice as well. I really like that I can see my compatible connected home cameras.”

What You Should Know

  • USB Port for media playback
  • More than a thousand reviews between all size options

Smart TV’s allow users to enjoy their media on a wide range of devices, and many have USB ports too. Show off the photos from that recent vacation, or load old home videos onto a USB stick and re-live birthdays, holidays, and more precious memories.  You can also always host a family dance off with one of the plethora of music or music video apps.

What You Should Know

  • Rich color saturation
  • Bluetooth connectivity lets you link speakers or headphones
  • Tons of Apps available

Access social media, a web browser, and a battery of apps with this 32″ TV from Samsung. Their PurColor provides natural colors with rich saturation and depth, making it the perfect choice for catching up on those nature documentaries you’ve been waiting to watch. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can pick up a pair of headphones and listen without disrupting sleeping children, or connect to Bluetooth speakers and launch a theater experience for family movie night with Netflix, Hulu, or other popular video streaming apps.

Reviewer Feedback
“This Samsung model was purchased as a spare TV for our basement lounge area. It fits the bill perfectly for us. Samsung has been out TV brand of choice for 10+ years and have always served us well. The set up was quick and easy. The Smart TV feature has worked out really well for us as we stream Amazon TV and Netflix. “

What You Should Know

  • 32″ Widescreen LED display
  • 60 HZ refresh rate
  • Inexpensive

One of the most affordable options around, this smart LED TV sets up quickly and easily. The remote comes with a Netflix shortcut button, making it easy to navigate quickly to the streaming service with a single button press. A 60Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth and pleasant view, and the base connects without needing any tools for installation.

Reviewer Feedback
“This TV really is better than the price would suggest. Stylish, sturdy stand, super slim bezel and lightweight, The picture quality is superb and watching sports in HD is a real pleasure. Blu-ray viewing is incredible.”

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