10 Best Instant Cameras to Indulge Your Nostalgic Side

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If you love the retro nostalgia of instant print photos or want your kids to, the current generation of instant camera options gives you plenty more to love. From MicroSD slots that make it a breeze to swap between digital and instant photography to higher MP cameras than anything the originals could hope to offer, it’s easy to make these instant cameras fun for photo enthusiasts of any age or experience level.

  • Great for families, kids, and teens

  • Weighs only 6 ounces

  • MicroSD card slot

A 16 MP camera with all the nostalgic qualities we love in an instant print, Polaroid’s Mint cameras come in a fun range of colors and print on Zinc photo paper, eliminating one of the pricier elements of some instant cameras. Photos print on 2×3 sticky-backed paper, so scrapbooking those memories is effortless.

  • Bundle includes scrapbooking supplies

  • 10 MP Camera

  • Prints 2.1×3.4 – about the size of a credit card

Versatile and multi-use, this point and shoot instant camera also works as a Bluetooth enabled portable printer, so those stunning phone shots aren’t stuck in digital storage forever. The original Mini can take or print photos, but the Mini 2 is a printer only, so look twice before you pick up printer paper in bulk!

  • Good for beginners

  • Fun for vacations

  • The tradeoff; no memory slot, and doesn’t take video

Inexpensive and easy to learn, Fujifilm’s Mini line shows improvement with each new iteration, while keeping the cost of both the cameras and the film relatively low. It further keeps costs low by using AA Batteries instead of the more expensive CR types that some other cameras require. With over three thousand reviews, you know this camera is tried and tested. Reviewers comment that the cost of film for instant cameras can be a point of contention, while children find them a fun photography accessory; “My kids love their mini polaroid cameras!” said one reviewer.

  • Pocket-sized with a wrist strap, perfect for traveling

  • Automatic flash

  • Uses Zink Zero Ink photo paper 2×3

This is the perfect merger of old and new technology. The LCD touchscreen display really makes it a Snap to frame photos perfectly, and the 13MP camera gives you quality images every time. Save and share your Snap photos and videos online with a MicroSD card, or send your phone selfies to the Snap for printing; it effortlessly bridges digital and physical photography.

  • Shoots 1080p HD video

  • Built-in photo editing and filters

  • Prints have a waterproof coating

The Pop 2.0 may be one of the more expensive instant cameras on the market, but that 20MP camera is also worlds away from most of what’s on offer, so it’s a justified price if you’re looking for higher quality photos. Amazon carries the photo paper you’ll need for printing, and while it also is a little more expensive than some of the Zink papers for sale, it’s also significantly larger than the 2×3″ most cameras print on. The Pop’s 3.5 by 4.25 photos are better suited to scrapbooks, collages, or photo walls. Reviewers commented that they love sharing the instant photo tradition with their children. “Product is very user-friendly. My kids had’ an amazing time taking selfies! Pictures printed are of good quality and just fun!

  • Prints on 2×3 sticky backed Zinc paper

  • Rechargeable battery

  • No more cartridges; zero ink printing means less waste

Instant cameras aren’t those bulky boring black matte monstrosities we remember; they’ve embraced a sunny, fun color scheme these days. Kodak’s Printomatic does offer one piece of vintage nostalgia though; it’s an easy, on-the-go swap between full-color photos and black and whites. Or, forego paper printing and save shots to a MicroSD card and do your photo editing at home.

  • 1:1 square format prints

  • Uses CR2 type batteries

  • Available in a Limited Edition Taylor Swift model, a great gift for teens

An analog only camera with mode selection and flash controls, the Square prints unique and interesting photos, but has a little more of a learning curve than some other instant cameras. Light compensation, double exposure mode, and color filtered flash options all add depth dimension to the artistic range of photos the Square can produce, so photography enthusiasts have a lot to love if they’re willing and able to learn the nuances of this excellent camera, and reviewers comment positively on most of those features.

Reviewer Feedback: “Love the nostalgia… Bravo, Instax for bringing that back! I like being able to shut the flash off and on and play a bit with the light/dark options too… very fun!”

  • A step up from the Mini 9

  • Selfie mirror for easy framing

  • Improved results with low-light surroundings

With a more advanced set of features and improved flash control, the Mini 70 is the instant camera of choice for anything from brightly lit beach shots to perfectly framed selfies. Love a good camera tripod? The tripod socket and timer also make it great for framing those group shots for travel, birthdays, weddings, or baby showers.

  • Takes a wide range of Polaroid film types

  • Swap between standard or portrait lenses

  • Bluetooth connects to Polaroid’s app for extra features

Reviewer Feedback: “There is a learning curve but it seems all the bad reviews are just people who didn’t realize how film cameras work and how sensitive they can be.”

A vintage feel with some new features, the one step+ asks that you please remember to not shake your Polaroid pictures. If you’re looking for the vintage character and distinctive feel of Polaroids, this is the camera for you. It can be unforgiving, and it certainly doesn’t have the crystal clear resolution of digital photographs taken on a phone, but if you’re interested in replicating the look of classic Polaroid photographs, this is the one for you.

  • 5MP camera on the Cliq, 8mp for the Cliq Plus

  • Too new for a reviewer consensus

  • Positive coverage from top tech sites

Just released in April 2019, the Cliq and Cliq Plus are the newest entrants into the realm of instant photography. With a rechargeable internal battery and MicroSD card slot, it saves money on batteries and enables you to capture photos digitally before printing, so you don’t need to waste film printing bad photos. It shoots on 2×3 sticky back zink photo paper, so it’s easy and inexpensive to find film. The Plus also offers a reprint option, making it easy to share photos with friends, so besties can have those matching pics with no hassle.

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