The 9 Best Beach Wagons for a Day of Fun in the Sun

Sand & Surf

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Hauling a trunk full of gear through the sand dunes toward that ideal all-day spot can be tons of work, whether you’re carrying the cooler for a group of friends or wrestling toddlers into safety gear and sunscreen. While there’s no solution yet that’s genuinely effortless. But there are a ton of ways to cut down on the difficulty of getting to that blissfully relaxing place while making sure you don’t throw out your back first.

What You Should Know

  • Free shipping

  • Folds up to 34″ by 17″ by 10.”

  • Holds up to 150 pounds

This 30-pound wagon gets rave reviews for gliding easily over sand, and the powder-coated steel frame keeps it from rusting or buckling like inexpensive aluminum. With a slim folding profile, it’s easy to keep in the trunk of a vehicle all year round, convenient for carrying children to the park or groceries home from a corner market. The durable polyester construction makes it easy to rinse and dry if it’s muddied, and the dense wheels keep it sturdy over gravel and packed sand.

Review Highlights

“The size was perfect to carry all our gear and the wide wheels went smoothly over the sand. We loaded it up in the morning, used it all day at the beach, piled our stuff back in for the night. Sturdy, well-made, good-looking, and very useful.”

What You Should Know

  • Weighs 18 pounds

  • Holds up to 165 pounds

  • Air pump included

Oversized balloon tires and a telescoping handle make this the hauler of choice for those bound for the sugar sand of the Gulf of Mexico, from Florida to Texas. Since it lacks the flat canvas base of a wagon, it’s not ideal for families looking for a wagon to carry children in, but for hosting a crowd at a beach party, it can’t be beat.

Review Highlights

“We love it! There is NO comparison to the beach wagon that I tried last year (and returned). This thing “floats” across the sand with very little effort and got a lot of other people’s attention as we used it all week.”

What You Should Know

  • Includes side tray with cupholders

  • Hard wheels, no need to carry an air pump

  • 150-pound capacity

The key to getting good performance out of a beach wagon is to load it appropriately for the type of terrain you’re expecting. While the wide plastic wheels on this beach wagon make it one of the top contenders, if not the best overall wagon available, if it’s loaded up to the 150-pound max capacity, it will always struggle in deep, loose sand. Plan on no more than about 50 pounds and you’ll be gliding over the beach every time.

Review Highlights

“We have a 2 year old who loved riding in the wagon with all of the beach gear…Once on the sand, the wagon rode pretty well on the loose sand. Once on the harder compacted sand it was smooth sailing!

What You Should Know

  • Easy to clean

  • Folds up compact

  • Good for kids sports, scouting, outdoor play

Stroll the boardwalk in style with this sturdy wagon. A removable bottom and mesh lining make it easy to remove mud, dirt, and sand after use, so bring it along on those fishing and camping trips with no fear of it getting ruined. Bring along a sunshade, and you’ll keep the whole family outdoors all day.

Review Highlights

“What a wagon we use it the beach and fishing and have put it through a few terrains and LOVE IT! Heavy duty but light and compactable.”

What You Should Know

  • Stainless steel hardware and marine-grade aluminum resists corrosion

  • Carry tackle, rods, coolers, and more

  • 15-inch diameter, 7-inch wide wheels 

Spend all day parked in the sand fishing with this angler’s cart, with nothing to worry about but bad weather. It hauls a cooler, folding chair, tackle, and more through sand or down the pier, and with marine-grade aluminum construction, even saltwater fishing won’t wear down this fishing companion.

Review Highlights

“No more being a human pack mule when the wife, dog and myself go surf fishing. We carried three surf rods, two tackle bags, cooler with ice food drinks and bait, two beach chairs, sand spikes, beach umbrella and waders effortlessly to our spot.”

What You Should Know

  • Removable shade

  • Holds up to 120 pounds

  • Fits in an average-sized car trunk with the shade removed

An all-purpose cart useful for carrying kids around the neighborhood, trick-or-treating, or visiting the park can make beach trips infinitely easier. No more worrying about collecting lost shoes or toys or burning little feet. This wagon keeps two kiddos, and their assorted gear contained and ready to roll.

Review Highlights

“Did great at the beach. My daughter loves this wagon. Doesn’t fold down small but it’s sturdy, well built and great for off roading.”

What You Should Know

  • Rinse after every use

  • Six removable rod holders

  • Holds up to 200 pounds

A bait cup, compact cutting board, and knife storage are just the finishing touches on a fishing cart that’s been well thought through from all points. Perfect for a solo fisherman or for bringing enough gear for the whole family, this heavy-duty gear hauler handles muddy banks and sandy beaches with ease.

Review Highlights

“This cart is great for carrying everything I need onto the beach. The wheels roll easily and the handle is perfect for two people to drag the cart together. Not required but it sure helps on long drags.”

What You Should Know

  • Weighs about 25 pounds

  • Holds up to 150 pounds; 110 pounds on sand

  • One-year warranty

This all-terrain cart will see years of use for outdoorsy families, from hauling essentials for camping trips to carrying essentials on a beach vacation. Carry towels, chairs, snacks, and more; this wagon is easy to overfill since it’s so spacious, but pay attention to your weight limit, and you’ll get tons of enjoyment out of it.

Review Highlights

Wonderful for the beach. It is still easier to roll on packed down sand, but our last trip was so much easier to lug everything to our favorite spot down the beach. Soft sand is a struggle, but these wheels are still better than other beach carts we have used. It folds up super small and easy to steer on packed down sand, wet sand, the boardwalk, grass, etc.”

What You Should Know

  • 110-pound capacity

  • Folds flat

  • Dozens of fabric color choices

Glide down the boardwalk with this smooth rolling cart with a waterproof cover to protect your goodies. You’ll love the stash pockets that make protecting your items from would-be opportunists, and thousands of reviewers have something nice to say about these versatile everyday carts.

Review Highlights

“Bought this dolly for the beach condo and it’s absolutely super helpful. Taking it for a grocery trip, beach and it really is sturdy enough.”

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