26 Genius Products to Help Baby (And Parents) Sleep Better

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Sleep is one of the most important things parents and babies need yet, at times, the most elusive. But thankfully, those sleepless nights don’t last forever, even if it sometimes feels like they will never end (we’ve been there!). While parents may long for a full night’s sleep, plenty of products can help you and your baby catch some extra ZZZs and eventually form healthy sleep habits to last a lifetime. From baby monitors and bassinets to swaddles and sound machines, we’ve gathered a list of genius products to help baby and parents get better sleep.

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Cribs and Bassinets

This is the ultimate bassinet, designed specifically to soothe baby back to sleep with responsive technology. Developed by pediatrician and child development expert Dr. Harvey Karp, the SNOO can detect a baby’s cries and respond with motion and sound to help lull your little one back to sleep. The smart sleeper’s safety features include breathable mesh and a built-in swaddle to keep baby from rolling, giving parents a little extra peace of mind. Read our full review on the SNOO for more.

With over 4,200 reviews and a five-star rating on Amazon, the Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper is a favorite for new parents. It provides the closeness of co-sleeping while providing baby with their own safe sleep space, ensuring new parents and baby get the most and best sleep they can. You can tend to your baby during the night without leaving your bed, so you both can get back to sleep quickly and safely. It features adjustable height so it can fit any bed, plus breathable mesh sides and pockets for all baby’s essentials. It can even transition to a stand-alone bassinet as baby becomes more independent.

If your little one suffers from reflux or congestion, the easiest way to help them sleep is elevating your baby’s head. This wedge pillow from OCCObaby is designed with the doctor-recommended 12-degree incline that will safely elevate your baby’s head to improve sleep, reduce reflux and spit up, and relieve congestion. It can fit in any crib or toddler bed, has anti-skid features and will fit securely under a fitted sheet. Plus the waterproof, hypoallergenic cover is removable for easy cleaning.

Swaddles and PJs

Swaddles are a must-have when it comes to better sleep for your baby. The Love To Dream Swaddle Up is a popular choice for parents of newborns, as it allows baby to sleep with their arms up near their face — a favorite position from the womb — to help with self-soothing while also providing a snug fit to calm their startle reflex. The dual zipper makes midnight diaper changes fast and easy, without pesky snaps or noisy velcro.

Parents can turn to the Merlin Sleep Suit for babies who are ready to transition from a swaddle but still need that cozy and secure feeling to aid their sleep. Created by a mother of four and a pediatric physical therapist, this sleepsuit is designed to be introduced at three months when baby still sleeps on their back. The sleep suit has three layers: a soft, breathable jersey cotton inner layer, a soft microfleece or cotton outer layer, and a layer of polyfil in between for comfort. It features a scooped neckline to keep the fabric away from baby’s face and open hands and feet to keep baby at a comfortable temperature.

Everyone sleeps better in their favorite pjs, and your baby will too. So look for a super soft-footed pajama-like these from Kyte Baby. Made of 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex, it’s soft to the touch and stretchy for the perfect fit. This pair features a dual zipper too, which is perfect for that midnight diaper change.

Moms who have used this sleep sack have reported their baby slept an additional two hours within one to three nights. The Nested Bean Zen Sack helps recreate the comfort of a parent’s reassuring touch with gentle weight. This sleep sack features adjustable snaps at the shoulder and a two-way zipper for easy and quiet diaper changes. And once baby can roll over, the Zen Sack is reversible for tummy sleepers. Based on the medically proven benefits of touch, this sleep sack may be all you and baby need to catch some extra ZZZs.

Bedroom Gear

Sleep is sometimes all about the right environment, even for babies, so using essential oils that aid sleep like lavender could help your little one dose off to dreamland. This essential oil diffuser from InnoGear is a best seller on Amazon with 61,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. It offers two misting modes, color lights that can switch from dim to light and will automatically shut off once it runs out of water. Its compact size makes it easy to fit anywhere in the nursery too.

TaoTronics is solving three problems in one with this cute whale-shaped tabletop humidifier. You can use it as a cool mist humidifier as well as an essential oil diffuser and a nightlight. It can help maintain healthy humidity levels in the nursery and soothe your little one to sleep.

Babies sleep better and longer in a dark room, so many parents turn to blackout curtains to create the ultimate sleep environment. The NICETOWN Thermal-Insulated blackout curtains have 51,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, make these a best-seller on Amazon. They come in a variety of lengths and colors, so you’re sure to find what you need for your baby’s nursery.

Hatch Baby combines a sound machine, nightlight, and sleep trainer all in one to provide your little one a peaceful night’s sleep. The sound machine offers soothing sounds to help lull baby to sleep, while the nightlight offers subtle light for nighttime feedings and diaper changes, with several colors scientifically proven to promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production. As your child grows, the Hatch Baby Rest grows with them, offering a sleep trainer to help establish healthy sleep routines for toddlers. Read our full review on Hatch Baby Rest for more.

This sound machine has been a favorite since 1962, beloved by both babies and adults. The Marpac Dohm Classic sound machine features fan-based natural white noise, bringing baby the soothing ambient sound of rushing air without the disturbance of moving air. It comes with two speed options to create the ultimate sleep environment, while also masking background noise from TVs or siblings.

Baby Monitors

Nothing helps you sleep like a little peace of mind, and this award-winning smart sleep device is sure to give moms and dads exactly that. The Owlet Duo Baby Monitor shows parents vital signs, sleep stats, and more. The smart sock fits most babies ages 0-18 months and tracks baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep patterns. It also includes a high-definition camera for a wide-angle view of baby’s room. Track it all in the app, which notifies parents when readings leave preset safe levels.

There will be no worries at night or during naps with Nanit. This monitoring system includes the Nanit Plus camera that provides crystal clear HD video, two-way audio, temperature readings, and sleep tracking. Paired with the Nanit Baby Wear that features customized patterns, the Nanit camera can pick up your baby’s breathing motion to give you peace of mind. On top of that, this monitoring system tracks your baby’s sleep metrics like time asleep, minutes for sleep onset, number of visits you made during the night, and more. Nanit can then give you tips and insights to help you and baby get the best night’s sleep. Another perk: the portable multi-stand allows you to take the Nanit Plus camera from room to room or to grandma’s house.

While not everyone wants sleep stats, heart rate monitors, and other high-tech devices to keep tabs on the little one, parents still need a great video monitor to keep a watchful eye on baby at night. The Vava baby monitor delivers crisp and clear video on a 5-inch screen. Reviewers say the video is so clear you can see your baby breathing when you use the 2x or 4x zoom. The transmission range of up to 900 feet gives you the flexibility to go throughout your home without ever losing connection. It also features a room temperature reading to ensure your little one is warm and cozy in their crib.


Did you know French children sleep through the night by the time they’re two or three months old? Author Pamela Druckerman was an American mother living in Paris who shared the secrets behind French parenting, including the famous “Le Pause” approach to sleep training. American parents will find the wisdom of French parenting useful for sleeping but also in other areas of parenting too!

This science-backed guide to helping your child sleep offers solutions for infants and toddlers. Authors and sleep experts Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright teach parents how to nurture a baby’s innate biological ability to sleep well and avoid well-intended over-helping, which can lead to sleep problems. Instead of sleep training babies, The Happy Sleep trains parents to be sensitive but structured, so babies develop their self-soothing abilities.

For parents who can’t stand the thought of their baby “crying it out” in the crib, this book gives parents options to help their baby sleep through the night without the tears. Author Kim West, aka The Sleep Lady, offers gentle and effective alternatives to help children of all ages learn to put themselves to sleep without crying, making a peaceful night’s sleep for baby and parents that much closer!

A story is a great addition to a bedtime routine, as long as it relaxes your little one rather than excites them! Try something like Ten Little Night Stars, a soothing story about cuddly animals and their bedtime routine. The sing-song rhymes are relaxing, and the story encourages counting. Plus, your baby won’t be able to take her eyes off the cute and colorful illustrations.

Other Extras

One of the best ways to help baby prepare for bed is a warm bath and baby massage, and Tubby Todd Bath Co. offers gentle soap, lotion, and massage oil perfect for baby’s bedtime routine. We love the lavender and rosehip baby massage oil that offers calming effects and hydrating ingredients while encouraging that all-important mama and baby connection. The benefits of baby massage before bedtime can help reduce crying, reduce stress and help you both relax.

Lavender is known to help encourage relaxation, so give baby a warm and fragrant bath with Aveeno Baby Lavender soap and lotion. Done before bedtime, this can help soothe and calm your baby and make it easier to lull him or her to sleep.

You can’t sleep with a stuffy nose, and the Nose Frida makes mama’s and baby’s life easier. Moms swear by this stuffy nose solution because it’s safe, effective, and more comfortable for baby than traditional nasal aspirators.

If baby is older and your pediatrician gives you the OK for a lovey, it may be the security baby needs to get through the night. While not all little ones bond with a lovey, security blanket, or stuffed animal, if they do, it can work wonders for waking in the middle of the night. We all need a cuddle sometimes!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if baby is having trouble sleeping, it could be from a soggy diaper. Try a super-absorbent, overnight diaper like Pampers Swaddlers Overnights to keep baby’s bum dry during the night and give you a few extra hours of uninterrupted sleep. These super soft diapers start at size 3, so they’ll fit babies as small as 16 pounds.

Self-soothing can be difficult for babies to learn, but it’s vital for sleeping through the night — that’s where a pacifier comes in. The sucking motion is soothing for infants, and pacifiers like the Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle can help calm a baby and soothe them back to sleep. This brand is a go-to for parents and pediatricians because it is made of BPA-free, medical-grade silicone. Plus, the plush toy perfect for snuggling is detachable, making it easy to wash.

Being a Mama can be hard, especially when you aren’t getting enough ZZZs. Sure the biggest cup of coffee will keep you going during the day, but reward yourself in the evening by pouring a glass of pinot noir or sipping on chardonnay. A subscription wine service like Winc always makes sure you have a bottle of wine for the times you need to relax or lift your spirits when a peaceful night’s sleep seems elusive. And be sure to save some for celebration when baby finally sleeps through the night — it will happen!

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