Pampering to Personalization: 13 Items You Want for Wedding Week

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Weddings can be unforgettable celebrations, but some times the stress of having everything feel like it has to be perfect can be overwhelming. Cultivating a relaxed mindset can help you get through the big day with your sanity intact, and just a few thoughtful touches can help you and your party stay organized, cozy, caffeinated, moisturized, and ready for the best party of your life.

Whether your suitcase is packed with swimwear for that tropical getaway, cover-ups for lazy morning room service, or the sexiest lingerie on the market, you can’t go wrong with Agent Provocateur no matter what your honeymoon plans are. Get ready on the day of and feel your sexiest in this short Kimono set.

Lazy, cozy honeymoon days demand a soft pair of slippers, and this extra-cozy pair will see tons of use afterwards as well.

Turn sending thank-you notes into a treat, instead of a chore, with this cute custom stamp set. Particularly charming for couples who are settling in to a first home, it will see plenty of use around the holidays when it comes time to send those adorable newlywed Christmas cards.

If the happy couple are already experienced world travelers, chances are they have a stylish set of matching luggage, but whether they’re traveling on a shoestring or flying first-class, a tasteful set of personalized luggage tags makes the whole process just a little bit smoother and more enjoyable.

You know she can’t go on without her morning cuppa, and her big day should be no exception. Get one for the whole bridal party, then no matter how long the bachelor and bachelorette parties lasted, everyone can still caffeinate up and face the music.

You’ll need a ring catcher to keep that bling safe and sparkling while putting on lotion, which is often what gets your ring dirty before pictures, and any messy chores. This lucky elephant ring holder is a cheery reminder to celebrate good fortune every day.

Nerves and a long to-do list may make breakfast (or lunch) low priority, but someone has got to force some calories into the bride and groom, or else someone gets hangry, someone faints from low blood sugar: honestly, nothing good has ever come from missing a meal. These protein bars are sweet and salty, and will stave off hunger long enough to make it to the reception dinner.

Remind yourself to keep your sheet together with these hydrating sheet masks. Indulge in some self care and a home spa day and the week of the wedding. Your skin will thank you. Just be sure to opt for something you’ve used before and you know your skin loves.

Pass out a copy of your wedding day itinerary to all the bridal party and vendors, plus your immediate family. This downloadable, printable timeline keeps everyone aware of the order events, and stops them from constantly coming to you for information.

If the tropics beckon, be sure to keep a one of a kind honeymoon souvenir. Custom keepsakes like this always take a little while for creators to make and ship, so make sure you allow plenty of lead time before the big day.

Save a piece of your bouquet forever with this lovely and simple to use flower press. Sure to see lots of use even after the big day, it’s easy to make wall art out of flowers for all occasions, from Valentines day roses to anniversary sprays.

Keep organized with a set of these tip holding envelopes. Available in sets from 6-18 envelopes, make sure you get enough to cover all your vendors, from caterers to the photographer to your officiant.

Pass these cake storing plastic clamshells to your caterers or the servers at your venue; a slice to go is a nice way to say thanks to the members of your family or bridal party who helped with setting up, decorating, cleaning up afterwards, and generally keeping you sane. It’s also a clean and easy way to take a few slices of cake on your honeymoon.

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